Flag Box

This is a flag box built to house a 9 ½’ x 5’ folded flag.  The construction is hard maple. The 12 cherry inlays represent the American blood spilled in our past wars.  The single walnut inlay in the center is to honor all others who have fallen in defense of our nation.  I originally built one of these for a friend, whose family really liked it.  Since I enjoy building them, I make a couple of these once or twice a year.   This particular one has rubber feet but a hanger could be added to the screw on back for wall hanging.

Main Wood Species: Maple
Secondary Species: Cherry, Walnut
Other Materials: Glass, Birch Ply
Finish: Polyurethane

Dimensions: 27" Wide X 13 3/4" Tall X 3" Thick
Price: $150
Quantity: 1
Shipping: $15