Boy Scout Box

This walnut box, finished with polyurethane, was crafted specially to house all of the treasured materials of an Eagle scout.   Though the solid walnut construction is pretty straightforward, the boards came from the family’s property and I used box joints to join the sides and top.   The quarter-sawn white oak tray fits tightly to the sides in order to accommodate longer items.  This detail led to an innovative cable stop to hold the lid open while disappearing into the case when shut.  The top of the box was laser engraved with a design that was arranged by a friend of mine who teaches graphic design and printing.  The local engraving company had to disassemble part of their machine to accommodate the lid.

Main Wood Species: Walnut
Secondary Species: Quarter Sawn White Oak
Other Materials: Brass, Stainless Rope, Stainless Hinge, Leather/Brass Handles, Brass Latches
Finish: Polyurethane

Dimensions of the box are 36″x12″x18″