Quarter Sawn White Oak Bench

This bench grew from a pair of metal legs that I bought from a metal artist on Etsy.   I had them in my shop for a while, just waiting for a few special planks to come around to make a bench or a small table.  Those boards finally showed up in my shop in the form of  some quarter-sawn white oak  The figure  of these boards was so nice that I knew right away that they were meant to sit upon for the legs I already had.  I had the steel legs powder coated with a dark copper and black hammered finish that is pretty subtle but very appropriate for this piece.  The bench top is made up of 2 planks joined together with 2 double dovetailed keys sculpted from walnut and 3 brass rounds that are set into the center of the bench top.  This combination of joinery creates a puzzle that uses the dovetails as keys to hold the top together, it is however glued so it will last a lifetime. The lower shelf is a single piece that is slightly thinner than the top to lighten the look. This bench could serve a seating or as a low table.  The clear finish allows the beautiful grain of these special boards to show prominently.


Main Wood Species: Quarter Sawn White Oak
Other Materials:  Steel, Brass and Walnut
Finish: Polyurethane/Wax