Pine Timber Bench

This bench is constructed of 6×6 pine timbers salvaged from my neighbor’s barn. The barn was constructed around the turn of the last century and was blown down by a small tornado or micro burst around 2007. The timbers were most likely milled near Ames from local trees. The construction is a puzzle of mortise and tenon as well as dovetail joinery. When fitted together without any glue, the piece sat in my shop for a few days and people would come and sit on it without realizing it was unfinished. Though the barn timbers are cleaned up, they still show signs of their age and past task with splits and knots front and center. The main species is pine, but the dovetail in the center of the top is butternut.  This piece is finished with a combination of varnish and tung oil and should age to a darker reddish yellow.

Main Wood Species: Reclaimed Pine
Secondary Species: Butternut
Finish: Tung Oil/Varnish